1. Definitions

All definitions used in these regulations are:

1.1 Password

Alphanumeric character sequence required for authorization while accessing an account, set by the client during registration process.

1.2 Client

A person with full legal capacity and in the cases provided by the applicable generally rules is also a person with a limited capacity, legal entity or organization unit without legal personality witch law acknowledge the legal capacity , intends to conclude or concluded a sales contract or contract for the provision of electronic services.

1.3 Civil code

Act of civil code from 23th April 1964 (Dz. U. NR 16, poz 93 ze zm.)

1.4 Consumer

The person for whom the sales contract is concluded or contract for the provision of electronic services is not directly related to his business or profession.

1.5 Account (client’s account)

Store`s sub-page in which all information about online client’s orders is located.

1.6 Product

A movable item available in the online store that is the subject of a sales contract between the customer and the seller

1.7 Regulations

Online store rules

1.8 Registration

One-off operation involving the customer’s account to be created using the registration form shared by service providers on the store’s website.

1.9 Online Store

Service provider’s online store available under www.etma.co through which the customer can conclude a sales contract or provision of electronic services.

1.10 Seller

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora

41-200 Sosnowiec, Ostrogórska  21

NIP: PL 6443505908 

Phone number +48 535 454 088, working hours 5 am – 22 pm (standard fee according to the price list of the particular operator)

1.11 Side

Service provider, seller or client

1.12 Sales agreement (contract)

The sale contract of a product within the meaning of the civil code concluded through the online store

1.13 Electronic service

The service that is being provided by contractor via online store

1.14 Order

Statement of the will of the customer aiming directly at concluding the Product Sale Agreement and setting out the terms and conditions of the Product.

2. General provisions

2.1. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions do not purport to exclude or limit any rights of the Customer who is simultaneously a consumer entitled to the mandatory laws. In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of these Regulations, the above provisions shall prevail.

2.2. Regulations determine the rules of Online Store

2.3. These regulations are referred to in the article 8 of the act from 18th June 2002 r, the declaration of electronically supplied services, (Dz.U. z 2002 r. Nr 144, poz 1204 ze zm ) and also regulates the conditions of concluding sales agreements in the online store.

2.4. Online shop owned by

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora

41-200 Sosnowiec, Ostrogórska  21

NIP: PL 6443505908 

Phone number +48 535 454 088, working hours 5 am – 22 pm ( standard fee according to the price list of the particular operator )

2.5. Contractor provides the following electronic services through the online store:

2.5.1. Client’s account at online store.

2.5.2. An interactive form allowing customers to place an online order.

2.6. Minimal technical requirements necessary to work with electronic system managed by contractor

2.6.1. Computer with access to internet

2.6.2. Access to mail box

2.6.3. Recommended screen resolution: 1600 x 900 pixels

2.6.4. Internet browser Internet Explorer in version 7.0 or newer with enabled support of JavaScript and cookies: Mozilla Firefox in version 3.0 or higher with enabled support for JavaScript and cookies, or Google Chrome in version 8 or higher.

2.7. The client is prohibited from providing content of an unlawful nature

2.8. The customer is obliged to enter data according to the factual situation

2.9. The customer is obliged to use the online store in a manner consistent with the law and good morals with respect to the personal rights and intellectual property rights of third parties.

2.10. In order to ensure the safety of messaging, the service provider shall take technical and organizational measures appropriate to the security risk of the electronic service provided.

3. Provision of electronic services

3.1. Within the store, the Contractor is obliged to provide electronic services within the scope and under the conditions set in these regulations

3.2. Electronical services provided by contractor are free of charge

3.3. Terms and conditions of concluding contracts for the provision of electronical services

3.3.1. An electronical service contract for maintaining a customer’s account in an online store is concluded at the time of registration process. To complete a registration it is necessary to provide following data in the registration form: name, surname, address (street, flat/house number, town/city, postal code), email address and password.

3.3.2. An electronic service contract involving the provision of an interactive form that allows to place an order in an online store is concluded when using the above service (adding item to chart)

3.4. An electronically signed contract for the online customer’s account is signed for an unspecified period of time.

3.5. An electronical service contract of providing an interactive form that enables the Order to be placed on the Internet Shop is concluded for a fixed period of time and is terminated when the Order is placed.

3.6. Terms of Service Agreement for Electronical Services

3.6.1. The Customer may terminate the Electronic Service Agreement for an indefinite period of time and without giving reasons, within a 14-day notice period.

3.6.2. The Service Provider may terminate the Electronic Service Contract concluded for an unspecified period in the event of Customer objectively violating the Terms and Conditions, particularly when provides content of an unlawful nature. Violation of the Rules of Procedure must be objective and unlawful. The termination can be made after at least one unsuccessful call for cessation or removal of the breach with the appointment of the relevant deadline. The termination of the contract in this case is within a 14-day notice period.

3.6.3. Termination of an electronic service contract concluded for an indefinite period of time by one of the Parties shall not affect the rights or benefits acquired by the Parties at the time of the prepayment.


4.1. Advertisements, pricelists and other information about Products on the Online Store web site, in particular their descriptions, technical and utility parameters and prices, constitute an invitation to enter into an agreement within the meaning of art. 71 of the Civil Code

4.2. The product price shown on the website of the Online Store is given in Polish zlotys and includes VAT and customs. However, the Product Prices do not include shipping costs, which – if any – are indicated during the Order submission.

4.3. The product price shown on the website of the Online Shop is binding at the time customer submits the order. This price will not change regardless of the price changes on the Internet Shop, which may appear on the individual products after the order.

4.4. In order to conclude the Product Sales Agreement using the interactive form, Client has to go to the online store’s website, select the product and according to displayed instructions submit the order using the interactive form.

4.4.1. When submitting the Order it is needed to indicate the following details: name, address (street, house number, location with zip code), contact telephone number, product, product quantity, place and method of product delivery, payment method.

4.5. Ordering an order using the interactive form occurs when you click on the “Make an order” box in the form.

4.6. After submitting the Order, the Seller immediately (1) confirms receipt of the order, which causes the customer to be bound by the statement and (2) accepts the Order for execution when the Sale Agreement is concluded. Confirmation of receiving the Order and accepting it, is done by sending the appropriate information to the Customer at the e-mail address provided during the Order submission.

4.7. When ordering via an interactive form – until the Order is placed – the customer has the possibility to modify the entered data. To do this, it is needed to follow displayed messages and information that is available on the Store`s web site.

5. Delivery

5.1. In the event of conclusion of the Contract, the product will be delivered no later than within 5 working days from the date of the Contract of Sale.

5.2. The Seller will deliver the Products according to the Customer’s choice

5.2.1. By mail or by the carrier indicated during the Order submission

5.3. Delivery of Products is available on the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad

5.4. Delivery costs will be clearly indicated during the Order submission process

6. Payment

6.1. Seller provides the following payment methods:

6.1.1. Bank transfer (Seller’s bank account details are indicated on the Store`s page and in the email sent to the Customer upon placing the Order).

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora
ul. Ostrogórska 21, 41-200 Sosnowiec
24 1050 1360 1000 0092 4597 1842

6.1.2. By Przelewy24 service

6.1.3. By PayPal service

6.2. In the case of a method of payment other than the pick-up payment, the Customer is obliged to pay the price for the sale within 14 days of the date of delivery, unless the Sales Contract provides otherwise.

6.3. In the case of Non-Consumer Customers, the Seller is entitled to limit the payment methods available, including requiring prepayment in whole or in part.

7. RIGHT OF DUE TO CONTRACT (returns of goods)

7.1. A Customer who is also a Consumer who has agreed upon the Sales Contract or an Electronic Service Agreement may withdraw from it without giving any reason by making a written statement in writing within fourteen days. It is enough to send a statement before it expires. The statement may also be sent by e-mail to sklep@etma.co (the condition is to provide any data. The above right may be exercised by the Consumer by sending a statement of withdrawal to:

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora
ul. Ostrogórska 21, 41-200 Sosnowiec

NIP: PL 6443505908
phone number :+48 535 454 088

7.2. The fourteen day period during which the Consumer may withdraw from the Sales Contract or the Electronic Services Agreement shall be counted from the date of delivery of the Product in the case of the Sales Contract; when the Contract is for the provision of the Electronic Service – from the date of its conclusion.

7.3. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Sales Contract or the Contract for the provision of Electronic Services is deemed not to be, and the Customer is relieved of any obligations. What the Parties have provided shall be reimbursed unchanged unless the change was necessary within the limits of ordinary management. The refund should be made immediately, no later than fourteen days. If the Consumer has made any prepayment, the statutory interest will be paid from the date of prepayment.

7.4. The Seller will return to the bank account number indicated by the Consumer or in other manner indicated by the Consumer

7.5. The right to withdraw from a contract is not available to the consumer in the following cases:

(1) The provision of services started with the consent of the consumer before the deadline referred to in paragraphs 7.1 and 7.2 above;

(2) For audiovisual and visual recordings and recorded on computer data carriers after the consumer has removed their original packaging;

(3) Benefit contracts for which the price or remuneration depends solely on the movement of prices on the financial market;

(4) Benefits with the characteristics specified by the consumer in his contract or closely related to his person;

(5) Benefits which, because of their nature, cannot be reimbursed or subject to rapid deterioration;

(6) Delivery of the press;

(7) Gambling services.


8.1. Complaints for Product Nonconformity with the Sales Agreement

8.1.1. The Seller is liable to the Customer who purchases the Product for a non-professional or business purpose, as a result of the Product’s inconsistency with the Sales Agreement to the extent specified in the Consumer Credit Act of 27 July 2002 and the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176, as amended).

8.1.2. Complaints related to non-compliance of the Product with the Sales Contract can be submitted in writing to:

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora
ul. Ostrogórska 21, 41-200 Sosnowiec
or by email at: shop@etma.co

8.1.3 The seller will respond to the complaint promptly, no later than within 14 days. Seller’s response to the complaint is sent to the address given by the Client or in another way provided by the Client.

8.1.4 The Seller advises that, in the case of Products covered by the warranty, the warranty must also be made in accordance with the terms of the warranty card. Guarantee for the sale the product does not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer’s rights under the Seller’s liability for product inconsistency with the Sales Agreement within the scope of the Act of July 27, 2002. About specific terms of consumer sales and the amendment of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176, as amended).

8.2. Complaints related to the provision of electronical services and other complaints related to the operation of the Internet Shop.

8.2.1. Complaints related to the provision of Electronical Services and other complaints related to the operation of the Internet Store may be submitted in writing to:

Janusz & Sons S.C. Lukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora, ul. Ostrogórska 21, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland or by e-mail to: sklep@etma.co

8.2.2. It is advisable to include in the complaint as much information and circumstances as possible about the object of the complaint, in particular the nature and date of the irregularity and contact details – this will facilitate and speed up the handling of the complaint by the Service Provider.

8.2.3. The complaint will be processed by the Service Provider immediately, not later than within 14 days.

8.2.4. The Service Provider’s response to the complaint is sent to the Customer’s e-mail address given in the complaint form or to any other way the Customer has provided.

9. Personal details

9.1. Administrators of Customer’s personal information collected through the Online Store are:

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora

41-200 Sosnowiec, Ostrogórska  21

NIP: PL 6443505908 

9.2. Personal data collected by the Administrator through the Online Store are collected for the purpose of fulfilling the Sales Agreement or the Electronic Services Contract concluded with the Administrator.

9.3. The customer has the right to access and correct their data

9.4. Providing personal information by the Client is voluntary, although failure to disclose personal data required entering into a Sales Contract or Contract for the provision of Electronic Services, failing to disclose in the Terms and Conditions results in the refusal to conclude the contract. Data necessary to conclude a Sales Contract or an Electronic Services Contract are also indicated on the Internet Store website.

9.5. Seller is an Administrator of personal databases provided by Consumers.

9.6. The Seller undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 and the Electronic Services Act of 18 July 2002. The Buyer, when submitting his / her personal details to the Seller, agrees to processing it by the Seller in order to fulfill the order. The buyer has the ability to view, correct, update and delete his / her personal data at any time.

9.7. Detailed rules for the collection, processing and storage of personal data used to execute orders through the store are described in the Privacy Policy, which is located on the Privacy Policy page.


Privacy policy of www.etma.co

10.1. General information

This Privacy Policy defines the processing and protection of personal data provided by Users in connection with their use of ETMA.CO.

10.2. The administrators of the personal data are:

Janusz & Sons S.C.
Łukasz Kisiel, Kamil Napora
baised in Sosnowiec.

10.3. In the interests of the security of our data, we have developed internal procedures and recommendations to prevent unauthorized access. We control execution and constantly review their compliance with relevant legislation – the Data Protection Act, the Electronic Services Act, as well as all types of implementing acts and acts of Community law.

10.4. Personal Data is processed on the basis of the User’s consent and in cases where the law authorizes the Administrator to process personal data under the law or for the execution of a contract between the parties.

10.5. The service performs the functions of acquiring information about users and their behavior as follows:

  • By voluntarily entering information on the forms
  • By collecting “cookies” files (see the “cookies” policy).

10.6. The service collects information voluntarily provided by the user

10.7. The data given in the form is processed for the purpose of the function of the specific form, eg to process the contact information

10.8. Personal data left on the site will not be sold or made available to third parties in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

10.9. The data contained in the form is available to the viewer who has placed them there. This person also has the right to modify and discontinue processing his or her data at any time.

10.10. We reserve the right to change the privacy policies of the site, which may affect the development of the Internet technology, any changes in the law governing the protection of personal data and the development of our web site. We will inform you of any changes in a visible and understandable way.

10.11. Websites may link to other websites. Such websites operate independently of the Website and are not supervised by etma.co in any way. These websites may have their own privacy policies and regulations that we recommend.

In case of any doubt about any of the provisions of this privacy policy we are at your disposal – our data can be found in the tab – CONTACT.


11.1. Contracts concluded through the Internet Store are in Polish language.

11.2. In matters not regulated in these Regulations, the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services of 18 July 2002 (Law No. 144, item 1204, as amended) are applicable in the territory of the Republic of Poland; Law on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous goods of 2 March 2000 (Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271, as amended); Law on special terms of consumer sale and amendment of the Civil Code of 27 July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176, as amended) and other relevant provisions of Polish law.

11.2.1. The choice of Polish law does not deprive the consumer of the protection granted to him on the basis of rules that cannot be excluded by contract, under the law applicable in the absence of choice, ie the law of the country in which the consumer habitually lives and the trader

(1) Performs his economic or professional activities in the State where the consumer habitually resides; or

(2) Has in any way directed such activity to that State or to several States including that State; and the contract falls within the scope of this activity

11.3. Customers may access the Terms at any time via the hyperlink provided on the homepage of the online store and download and print it.

The Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop are available at: https://etma.co/regulamin/ and is provided free of charge to the Customer (on request).

11.4. Fixing, securing and making available to the Customer the content of the Sales Agreement and the Electronic Services Contract is made available through

(1) Make available the Regulations on the pages indicated in pt. 10.3 and

(2) Sending an email to the customer, and in the case of a sales contract also by

(3) Include a proof of purchase, order specification, and written information in accordance with the provisions applicable to distance contracts

11.5. Disputes between the Service Provider, the Seller, and the Customer, who is also the consumer, are subject to the applicable common courts. Disputes between the Service Provider, the Seller, and the Customer, who are not simultaneously the Consumer, shall be submitted to the competent court in the location of the Service Provider or the Seller.


Download the return form here.